Birdnest and Egg Congee Recipe

This congee recipe is easy to prepare and delicious for one who prefers a light and nutritious diet.


- 120g soaked birdnest pieces (House Nest)
- 120g of long grain rice
- 1 salted duck egg
- 1 century egg 
- 150g of minced lean meat 
- Salt


Soak the Birdnest for 3 hours. Rinse well and remove any impurities. 
Wash and soak rice in water for 1/2 hour.
Cut the salted duck egg and century egg into cube size.

Cook the soaked rice for 15 mins, add the minced lean meat and soaked birdnest for another 15mins over low heat. Once the rice is fully cooked till congee add the cut salted duck egg and century eggs. Add salt to taste. Served when hot.

Note: For Cave Nests, the soaking time and the Birdnest cooking time have to be increased accordingly.

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