About us

Our company has more than 50 years of history, tracing back to when we first started Swiflet (Birdnest) Farming in Indonesia. Our first Swiftlet house was bought in 1957 and Birdnests were hand harvested on a regular basis. Raw Birdnests were accumulated and sold to small medical halls. Over the years, we have learned the skills to build our own Swiftlet houses and grow our Swiflet farming business steadily. Our business on Raw Birdnest Trading also expands progressively from within Indonesia to places beyond, like Hong Kong, Singapore, China and US, due to increasing demand from consumers in the region. 

 Birdnests have always been regarded as a health delicacy for the rich and affluent due to the high pricing. Tedious & labor-intensive harvesting and processing steps of Birdnests continue to keep the product at such high pricing level. As strong believers to the health benefits of Birdnests, our company envisions to make Birdnests more affordable so to allow more people to enjoy the health benefits in Birdnest consumption.

Our company works on streamlining the supply chain and focusing on providing high quality products. Our Birdnests come directly from our company’s Swiftlet Farms and Swiftlet Farms in our alliance companies, allowing us to be in full control of our Birdnest quality.

Our first Birdnest processing factory in Indonesia was setup in 2002 and our first sales office in Singapore was setup in 2004. Our sales headquarter, located in Singapore, provides sales and customers support in the entire Asia region.

We offer more than 30 types of cleaned dry Birdnests to wholesalers, Medical Halls and retailed stores. In recent years, we also started our own Ready-to-consume Bottled Birdnest product lines manufactured in Singapore under the most stringent conditions. This is to ease the hassle of cooking Birdnests especially for the busy working individuals. Our Birdnest processing is hygienic and chemical-free, as we are fully aware of that are consumers can range from children to elderly and even pregnant women, and we want to provide food products that are suitable for their consumption. We prohibit the use of food colorings and bleach in our food processing. Our products are sent to Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (Singapore) on a regular basis for certification of their quality.

We also offer under our EMPEROR BRAND a selection of premium traditional tonics such as Cordyceps from Tibet and Qinghai and Ginsengs from America, Canada and Korea at competitive prices.  This is made possible through barter trade and collaboration with strategic partners.

We continue to strive for excellence in our quality and services to our customers.